Researching Risk-Work in Young Lives

This Research Network brings academic researchers together with researchers and practitioners working with children and young people who may be though of as ‘at-risk’, ‘vulnerable’ or ‘troubled’.

Our aim is to find ways to bring children and young people’s voice to the centre of our research.

The resources here provide an opportunity to exchange knowledge on research approaches and methods for exploring the practices in various settings which can lead to children or young people being labelled as ‘risky’ or ‘at risk’.



A series of posts from researchers, practitioners and young people about the challenges of researching risk-work

Network Members & Other Useful Contacts

Find out more about our members, their research and other useful organisations/websites


We are building a reading list resource to support research in this area

About Us

This Network for post-graduate and early career researchers at Liverpool, Manchester, Keele and Lancaster is funded by North West Social Science Doctoral Training Partnership


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